About us:

We Do Unique Weddings was founded by Tara. She has spent 14 years working as a wedding planner, including in the catering, styling and hotel event management areas. 

With such a comprehensive knowledge she decided she wanted to create her own planning and styling hub that could matchmake her clients with the right suppliers for their perfect wedding.

The idea was simple. It meant that instead of having a formulaic wedding that planners work with, her couples could instead have the food, decor and entertainment that they envisioned. 

Having grown up on the Costa del Sol Tara’s proud to be called Spanglish and loves being able to dig into her multicultural background to connect with her clients. 

She´s a perfectionist and could be accused of slightly OCD behaviour when it comes to table cloths and cutlery being in alignment.  

At We Do, you start with a blank canvas and then build your wedding from scratch drawing from Tara´s wealth of experience and a cornucopia of trustworthy suppliers to make the magic happen. 

A note about me since aside from obviously being completely wedding-mad I thought I could share something about me and my other loves:

Guilty of loving Unicorns, macarons, avocados, yoga, the snow, healthy food,  animals but not snakes or creepy-crawlies.  I could survive on avocados, gazpacho and chocolate (in fact that is my summer diet)...My favourite things to do aside from weddings:  riding, walking, skiing, snuggling on the sofa under a blanket with a cup of tea and my family, wine with the girls and cooking. Useless info: I cannot handle scary movies, the rest of the family force me to watch them so they can laugh at me jumping all over the room.